Manual Z-Adjust

We offer two types of manual Z-Adjusters (13mm) compatible with our piezostages which have a square (66x66mm) or rectangular (83×54 mm) opening.

These adjusters were created to be as adaptable as possible while remaining stiff with a +35mm to -45mm mechanical adjustment of the sample holder .

If you are looking for a more compact design you can opt for a side-mounted Actuator (see technical drawings).

Square Manual Z-Adjust

Square Manual Z-Adjust BDirectly fits on LT2 / LT3 / LF1 / LF2 / LF3LFHS2 / LFHS3

Compatible with re-entrant Square Sample Holder :

- CoverSlip
- Petri-Dish (35mm)
- Lab-Tek Chambered coverglass

Technical Drawing

Rectangular Manual Z-Adjust

Rectangular Manual Z-Adjust BDirectly fits on BIO2 / BIO3 / LTHS2

Compatible with re-entrant Rectangular Sample Holder :

- Slide (75x25mm)
- CoverSlip
- Petri-Dish (35mm)

Technical Drawing

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