The SPM3 stage is a 3-axis ultra-high speed nanopositioner, offering a travel range up to 75µm along X and Y with resonant frequencies higher than 2kHz on both axis.

The Z portion of the SPM3 stage can have up to 50µm travel range and offers the highest speed capabilities available on the market with a maximum of 12.5kHz resonnant frequencies. Indeed, when used with the high power controller, SPM3.5’s step response time on the Z axis can be smaller than a millisecond.

This is way the SPM stage is particularly well suited for demanding metrology applications such as Atomic Force Microscopy.

It can be combined with a coarse positioning Microstage (See our Hybrid System).

This nanopositioner is part of our high-speed product line (High power controller available).

LFHS-2 with Z-STAGE.10

  • Features :

    • Ultra high speed
    • All 3 axis are Direct drive
    • 75 µm XY and up to 50µm Z travel range
    • Closed loop control
    • Silicon sensor technology
    • Picometric noise floor

    Applications :

    • Atomic Force Microscopy
    • Scanning Probe Microscopy
    • High speed and high resolution XYZ positioning
  • 3 axis Controller PRIO3 Axis Controller
    Our 3 axis PiezoStage will be used with a 3 axis controller standard or high speed
    MANUAL-STAGE+SPM-3Hybrid system
    The SPM3 can be proposed with a coarse positioning stage
    Adaptation plate for 160x110 apertureAdapter Plate
    This adapter plate allows to mount the SPM3 on a stages with K-type frame (160mm x 110mm aperture)
  • downloadTechnical Drawing
    SPM3 Piezostage dimensions
    PDF -
    70 Ko
    downloadPiezoConcept Datasheet
    Complet datasheet with variable travel range, specifications, dimensions ...
    PDF -
    1 766 Ko

 XY Specifications 
Range of motion X Y305075µm
Resolution X Y0.030.050.075nm
Typical noise floor X Y0.0030.0060.0075nm
Full range repeatability X Y0.060.10.15nm
Linearization X Y (typical)0.02%0.02%0.02%
Resonant frequency X / Y3000 / 2000Hz
Stiffness X / Y4 / 3N/µm
Size W x L x H121 x 121 x (depends on Z axis range of motion)mm

 Z Specifications 
Range of motion Z5103050µm
Resolution Z0.0050.010.030,05nm
Typical noise floor Z0.00050.0010.0030.005nm
Full range repeatability Z0.
Linearization Z (typical)0.02%0.02%0.02%0.02%
Resonant frequency Z12 5005 5005 5003 500Hz
Stiffness Z407.57.52.7N/µm
Size W x L x H121 x 121 x 33.8121 x 121 x 33.8121 x 121 x 48.8121 x 121 x 66.8mm

 General Specifications 
Maximum load* :
- horizontal use0,1kg
- vertical use (max torque)0,01N.m
SensorSilicon HR sensor
Cable length**2m
ControllerHigh Speed

SPM3.XX.xx :
XX : 30, 50 or 75 according to range of motion of X Y axis
xx : 5, 10, 25 or 50 according to range of motion of Z axis

*Higher load on request
**Higher length on request

Exemple of use :

LFHS-2 with Z-STAGE.50 on a Manual Stage
Hybrid system with SPM3.50 Customized system with SPM3.50

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