The LF2 is a  2-axis piezostage with a 66mm square aperture and a travel range of 100μm, 200µm or 300µm for each axis. It is recommended when small footprint and an aperture are needed. It it also available with an integrated 50µm travel range on Z axis (see the 3-axis model LF3).

This piezostage can be combined with a coarse positioning Microstage (See our Hybrid System).


  • Features :

    • Square aperture (66 x 66 mm)
    • 100, 200 or 300 µm motion
    • Closed loop control
    • Silicon sensor technology
    • Less than 30pm noise floor

    Applications :

    • Super resolution microscopy
    • Nanolithography
    • Particle tracking
    • Confocal microscopy
  • 2 axis Controller2 Axis Controller
    Our 2 axis PiezoStage will be used with a 2 axis controller standard or high speed
    MANUAL-STAGE+LF-2Hybrid system
    The LF2 can be proposed with a coarse positioning stage
    SH-BOT-SQUARE-LABTEKSquare Sample Holders
    See the different Square Sample holders available for the LF2
    Adaptation plate for 160x110 apertureAdapter Plate
    This adapter plate allows to mount the LF2 on a stages with K-type frame (160mm x 110mm aperture)
  • downloadTechnical Drawing
    LF2 Piezostage dimensions
    PDF -
    23,8 Ko

Range of motion100200300µm
Typical noise floor0.010.020.03nm
Full range repeatability0.20.40.6nm
Resonant frequency X/Y500/300400/250300/200Hz
Stiffness X/Y0.6/0.350.5/0.30.4/0.25N/µm
Maximum Load* :
- horizontal use1kg
- vertical use0.5kg
SensorSilicon HR sensor
Size W x L x H121 x 121 x 30.2mm
Cable length**2m

*Higher load on request

**Higher length on request

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