Newsletter September 29, 2015


We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing solutions for your research.  Below is the autumn issue of our bi-monthly « Piezonewsletter ».  We would suggest grabbing a few minutes and a hot drink to read about our contribution to one of the « Year of Light » events, our new products, the latest development updates about our current product range as well as the next exhibit we will participate.

The Leading Nanopositionning Company

PIEZOCONCEPT is one of the leading providers of nanopositioners dedicated to applications such as Super Resolution Microscopy, Optical Tweezer, Optical Trapping, Interferometry and Atomic Force Microscopy.

Programm of this Newsletter :

  1. At the speed of light : This week-end, you are welcome to measure the speed of light yourself with the help of of our high speed  TT2.5 piezostage !
  2. Our nanopositioning controller family is getting larger : New small 1-axis controller now available !
  3. New Z insert, compatible with any XY standard motorized and most incubation chambers
  4. Advanced scanning capabilities of our USB interface now available
  5. Well positioned over the world, PiezoConcept has now a new distributor in United Kingdom
  6. Attractive prices : It is the good time to purchase a nanopositioner from PIEZOCONCEPT
  7. Next exhibition : Come to see us at PHOTONEX (Coventry, UK, 15-16 October 2015)

At the speed of light

This week-end, you are welcome in Lyon, the « City of Light » in order to celebrate the 20th years anniversary of the Planetarium.  During this unic experience, you will be able to measure yourself the speed of light . Have you ever done that ?

A beam will be sent between the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière and Vaulx-en-Velin, located a few kilometers away. For this event, our ultra-fast angular  nanopositioner TT2.5 has been selected since it can be driven at 700Hz in closed-loop mode.

We hope to see you there (every evenings between 8:00pm and midnight !).  More info here (in French only).

 1 axis Contoller

 New controller for 1-axis system

We launched recently a very compact controller that can work with any of our 1-axis stage.

It offers three ways of controls that can be used simultaneaously :

  • PC control via our USB interface (see below)
  • Voltage control (0-10V, -5V/+5V, or -10V/+10V)
  • Manual control via a 10-turns potentiometer
 Z-Insert noir

 New Piezo Z-Insert

Our new PiezoInsert has been specifically designed for direct retrofit of existing stages from the following third party manufacturers  :

  • ASI Imaging
  • Marzhauser
  • Prior
  • Ludl

The PiezoInsert can hold directly Multi-Well Plates and with the appropriate sample holder, it can also hold also microscope slides, Petri dishes, Coverslips. It is also compatible with most of the environmental chambers available on the market (Digital Pixel, Tokai Hit, …).

Price for a complete 100µm travel range system starts only at 5000€ (stage, controller with no USB) and 5500€ (stage, controller with USB).

image USB -90

New functionalities for our USB interface

We listened carefully to our customers and we decided to work on advanced scanning functionnalities for our USB interface : SWIFT mode, FRAP mode, arbitrary 3D laser writing mode, with all TTL functionalities. For all of our existing customers who would like to get this firmware upgrade, this can be done free of charge.

Our controller is now supported by almost any softwares on the market :

  • Labview
  • Micromanager
  • C/C++ (DLL are provided)
  • NIS Element
  • Visiew
  • Metamorph,etc…

 Compatibility with Photon Counting devices

This new USB interface has also direct compatibilities with TCSPC devices from PicoQuant and  Becker&Hickl. A well-documented Array Scanning procedure can be also supplied on request.

 Sans titre

Well positioned over the world

Wheter you are located in Europe, in the USA or in Asia, you will be able to find a local distributor  who can help you choosing the best nanopositionning stage for your application.

In order to increase our already well-established presence in Europe, PIEZOCONCEPT appointed recently a new distributor in United Kingdom : MotionLink.


Attractive pricing

The recent Euro decrease versus the USD had a significant positive impact on our exportation. During those last months, our delivery time got a bit longer so we had to increase our production capacities to face the increasing number of orders. Now, everything is back to normal.

It is always the good time to buy a nanopositionner from PIEZOCONCEPT, but now, even more than ever ! Good price, great product and fastest delivery time (we tend to be closer to light speed !).

 PHOTONEX Come to see us at PHOTONEXWe will exhibit  our nanopositioners during the next PHOTONEX, which will be hold in Coventry  (Germany) in October (14th-15th). Booth number : B2 (Motionlink)

If you have any question, please feel free to contact PIEZOCONCEPT by email or at :

phone +33(0)478742456

EUROPE : 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
USA : 7:00 am - 4:00 pm (CST)

Advices & after-sales service

Demo product on request