Piezoconcept controllers include ultra low noise and highly linear electronics, closed-loop control (PID) allowing a movement free of positioning errors. 


Our controllers offer three different ways of control that can be used simultaneaously:

  • Voltage control: an analogue input (BNC) located on the front panel of the controller allows to control the position of the stage by using voltage. Different ranges are possible: 0-10V, -5V/+5V, or -10V/+10V.
  • As an option, the USB interface allows to control the position of the stage by using a computer. The USB connector is located on the front panel of the 1-axis controller or on the back panel of the 2/3 axis controller. It comes with 4 TTL outputs (that can be configured also as inputs).
  • As an option, it is also possible to control the position manually by using a 10-turns potentiometer located on the front panel. This option comes as standard on the 1-axis controller.

1 axis Contoller

1 axis Controller

2 axis Controller

2 axis Controller

3 axis Controller PRIO

3 axis Controller



Main characteristics of the USB interface :

– Four channels DAC : depending on the number of axis, one, two or three channels are used. Upon request, the remaining DAC(s) can be used to send a command voltage (through a BNC) to an external device.

– Four channels  ADC : depending on the number of axis, one, two or three channels are used. Upon request, the remaining ADC(s) can be used to acquire a signal between 0 and 10V (through a BNC) from an external device.

– Four TTL outputs (through BNC). Upon request, those can be also configured as inputs

– Computer waveform generation and position data logging with internal memory for up to 65000 positions

Advanced scanning mode 

Our USB interface offers full scanning functionnalities  :

– SWIFT mode : 1D Line scan, 2D Image scan, 3D Volume scan

– FRAP mode : With this mode, you can get the system to scan over the area of a polygon. As an example, in Micromanager, you can draw regions of interest on an image. You can then control the piezostage through the MM device adapter.

– Arbitrary 3D laser writing mode : This mode is ideal to scribe a photoreactive material.


Software compatibility 

Our controller is supported by almost any softwares on the market :

  • Labview
  • Micromanager
  • C/C++ (DLL are provided)
  • NIS Element
  • Visiview
  • Metamorph
  • Matlab
  • Python


Compatible operating systems : 

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X


All of our piezostages are also compatible with all the controllers of ASI Imaging  :

– The MS2000 (can support only 1-axis stage)

– The Tiger Controller (can support any multi-axis stages)

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