The SLR piezostage is certainly one of the best choice in terms of price/travel range ratio. Its maximum travel range starts at 100µm and ends at 1500µm.

In comparison to other systems on the market, the 800µm and 1500µm stages are exceptionally reliable due to the « FuseProtect » technology. The fuse technology is an effective way to ensure high reliability for critical applications. Thanks to the technology of damage tolerant actuator piezo stacks, the application keeps working even if a section of the actuator is damaged. The fuse technology fuses out any damaged ceramic element and the remaining ceramic elements continue to operate. As a consequence, both the SLR800 and SLR1500 are offered with a 5 years warranty standard.


  • Features :

    • 100, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1 500µm motion
    • Closed loop control
    • Silicon sensor technology
    • Less than 150pm noise floor
    • Exceptionally reliable due to a frictionless assembly

    Applications :

    • Research and Industry
    • Nanolithography
    • Adaptative optics
  • 1 axis Contoller mini1 Axis Controller
    The SLR stages will be used with a 1 axis controller but it may be used with a 2 or 3 axis controller for multi axis configuration
  • downloadTechnical Drawing
    SLR.200 / SLR.300 Piezostages dimensions...
    PDF -
    43 Ko
    downloadTechnical Drawing
    SLR.500 Piezostage dimensions...
    PDF -
    56 Ko
    downloadTechnical Drawing
    SLR.1500 Piezostage dimensions...
    PDF -
    29 Ko
    downloadPiezoConcept Datasheet
    Complet datasheet with variable travel range, specifications, dimensions ...
    PDF -
    599 Ko

Range of motion1002003005008001500µm
Typical noise floor0.
Full range repeatability0.20.40.611.63nm
Linearization (typical)0.02%0.02%0.02%0.02%0.02%0.02%
Resonant frequency1000800745330220135Hz
Size W x L x H40 x 40 x 1550 x 50 x 1550 x 50 x 1560 x 60 x 1580 x 80 x 17100 x 100 x 20.6mm
Maximum Load* :
- horizontal use1kg
- vertical use0.5kg
SensorSilicon HR sensor
Cable length**2m

*Higher load on request
**Higher length on request

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