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SLR-2.800 1200x1200


The MWP2.800 is an XY piezostage designed for fast scanning of large area, up to 800µm x 800µm. It provides a 128.5 mm by 86.5 mm opening that accepts directly any multi-well microplates with an SBS Standard 127.5 x 85 mm (5″ x 3 1/3”) footprint, for example, the 96-well microplate.

As an option, universal sample holder, rotary slide holders or Petri dish holder can be provided.
X, Y :

- 800 µm


The C3.100 has been specifically designed for offering 100µm travel range in a compact design. This stage is also available in 2 axis version (C2.100) but also in 1-axis version either with X axis (CX.100) or Z axis (CZ.100).

Because of its attractive price and high performances, this stage has received an overwhelming success in the German laser marking industry immediately when it was launched.
X, Y, Z :

- 100 µm


The FOCHS.100 is a tubular design piezotage dedicated to microscope objective high speed nanopositioning. It is offered with 100 microns of travel. The FOCHS.100 is used in a wide range of applications : Z-stack, laser machining, autofocusing. It can work also together with automated focus stabilisation devices (for example, CRISP from ASI Imaging). It is made from aluminium, steel and brass. It is equipped with sensor offering stability in the picometer level.
Z :

- 100 µm
LT-Z standard


The LT-Z is a Z stage offering range up to 500 µm. It provides a 128.5 mm by 86.5 mm opening that accepts directly any multi-well microplates with an SBS Standard 127.5 x 85 mm (5" x 3 1/3”) footprint, for example, the 96-well microplate.
This piezostage can be proposed with a coarse positioning Microstage (See our Hybrid System).

On request, the LT-Z can be offered in incubator versions.
Z :

- 100 µm
- 200 µm
- 300 µm
- 500 µm
HS-1 G

New Members HS1 family

The HS1 family welcomes two new members :
- A faster HS1.10 (10 µm travel range with 7kHz resonance frequency);
- A longer travel range HS1.100 (100 µm travel range).

X :

- 10 µm
- 100 µm


The SLR.1500 is the longest travel range (1500 microns) piezostage that we offer in our product line.

In comparison to other system, this stage is exceptionally reliable due to a totally frictionless assembly.

It can be combined to form 2 or even 3-axis nanopositioning systems.
X :

- 1 500 µm
3 axis Controller PRIO

New 3 axis Controller

We recently launched a new controller that can control up to 3 axis and which has advanced scanning capabilities.


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PIEZOCONCEPT is the leading provider of nanopositioners dedicated to applications such as Super Resolution Microscopy, Optical Trapping and Atomic Force Microscopy.

Our customers include many leading scientists engaged in leading edge research at world class universities and institutes.

For many decades, researchers bought stages equipped with capacitive sensor.  But our users wanted  better stability and linearity and new powerful microscopy techniques demanded a major rethink.

Something more stable was required. We decided to take a long hard look at these systems and see if there was a better, more elegant, solution to providing accurate and stable positionning.  We developed a range of ultra-stable nanopositionner able to meet a wide range of microscopy applications with significant advantages over the currently available nanopositionners. As one of our biggest advantages,  the sensor we use outperforms high-end capacitive sensor because of their exceptionally high signal, leading to picometric stability. Also, because of the very low-noise electronics and the flexure design stage we offer, we can ensure subnanometric (or sub-nanoradian) noise floor.

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